Annual Liens Seminar - 2013

January 25, 2013  - Chair: Thomas M. Richardson, Esq. Speakers:  Robert E. Wisniewski, Esq.- Workers Comp Liens-how they work & How to Avoid Malpractice; Joel DeCiancio, Esq.-The Insurance Perspective; �State Bar of Arizona Prosecutors Debate ERISA Ethics; Gregory Sakall, Esq on Know your Medicare ABC's; Richard B. Burnham, Esq.; on Balance Bill Liens & Med Pay discussion; Mike Magee & Don Wilson on Two Views from the Trenches-Defending an ERISA Subrogation Action; Jon V. O'Steen, Esq. - Filing a DEC Action Against an Entity that Purports to be ERISA;  and Geoffrey Trachtenberg- Zen & the Art of Being a Honey Badger.

Refund Policy:  No refunds for publication and/or Seminar audio CD materials.