Annual Liens Seminar - 2014

Date: 01/24/2014

Chair: Tommy Richardson, Esq. 

Presentations by:
Robert Wisniewski - Arizona Workers' Compensation Liens - Revisited
Joel DeCiancio - The Insurance Perspective (The Dark Side Has Requirements, Too)
David Sandweiss - State Bar's Perspective on Liens
Gregory Sakall - Get SMART about Medicare
Page Chancellor Marks - The Good Wife - Why Your Married to Ethics Rule 1.15
David Abney - FEHBA Liens After Kobold
Steve Bruzonsky - Ins & Outs of AHCCCS, State and Political Subdivision Liens

Steve Bruzonsky & Jon O'Steen - ERISA Liens Q & A
Geoffrey Trachtenburg - Breaking Bad Liens

Live presentation on January 24, 2014 - this program has been AUDIO recorded only

Refund Policy:  No refunds for publication and/or Seminar audio CD materials.