Member Benefits


Joining AzAJ provides trial attorneys with a bundle of benefits that will greatly assist them in advancing their clients' cases. This includes access to AzAJ's ListServ, an online community of spirited and supportive attorneys, all devoted to helping injured people, who regularly collabrate to provide one and other with advice, assistance, and case strategy. Access to the ListServ is like being part of a giant law firm where everyone seeks to help to promote the interests of our members' clients.

Membership in AzAJ also provides discounted-access to a tailored array of continuing legal education courses on issues related to personal injury and wrongful death, as well as the ability to attend our annual Advanced Trial Advocacy Conference featuring nationally acclaimed and locally-recognized speakers. Members also receive other benefits, such as our bi-monthly newsletter, opportunities to join webinars by national speakers, as well as the ability to access exclusive materials--such as expert depositions, pleadings, discovery, and legal briefs--available only to members.