AzAJ Commitees

Advanced Trial Advocacy Conference Committee

Plan the agenda for AzAJ's biggest event of the year, The Advanced Trial Advocacy Conference. Members of the committee recruit out-of-state speakers and exhibitors, fundraise, and encourage attendance for this two-day conference.

Co-Chairs: Brian T. Leonard & Michael F. Magee

Amicus Curiae Committee
Through the work of the Amicus Curiae Committee, AzAJ represents the position of AzAJ Members in precedent-setting cases. AzAJ Members are eligible to contact the committee co-chairs to request an appearance by the committee. 

Co-Chairs:  The Honorable Stanley FeldmanDavid Abney, Lincoln Combs & Geoff Trachtenberg

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is a standing committee per AzAJ By-Laws. The Committee is responsible for AzAJ financial matters. The committee draws up the annual budget which is presented to and approved by the Board of Directors.

Chair:  Ilya E. Lerma, Treasurer

Learn at Lunch Committee
Help plan the monthly hour-long Phoenix and Tucson Learn at Lunch CLE programs. Members brainstorm topics and recruit speakers.

Co-Chairs:  Alexander Silkman & Nick Verderame- PHOENIX
Co-Chairs:  Pilar Mendoza & Carl Piccarreta - TUCSON

Legislative Committee
Members monitor current case law and legislation and work on proactive policy pertaining to trial lawyers and their clients. They also prepare position papers and testify at legislative hearings. 

Chair:  Dean Steffey


Membership Committee
Our members are the heart, soul and strength of AzAJ and the Membership Committee is responsible for recruitment and retention of new and current members.

Chair: J. Robert Tolman

Publications Committee
The Publications Committee works with the staff on the AzAJ newsletter The Advocate, member communications, public outreach and more. 

Chair: Marc Raczkowski 


Seminar Committee

The Seminar Committee creates AzAJ's day-long Seminars for the year, and works to enhance the quality AzAJ's CLE Seminar offerings.

Co-Chairs: Brian Leonard & Tommy Richardson